Chicken Carcass



Buy seven chicken carcasses of your selected size. Feed your dog one carcass a day. 

The carcass comes cut in two pieces a rib cage portion and a tail portion to make it easy to feed your dog. Some like to feed once a day some twice a day - this makes it easy for you!

Chicken carcasses come in three sizes. Choose the right size based on your dog's weight, breed, and level of activity.

Small 150-300g 
Medium 301-500g 
Large 501-700+g 

If you unsure which size is best for your dog - contact us

All items are delivered frozen.

***Please note:
Food from Max Dog Health is suitable for animals only and should not be consumed by humans. 
Carcass size will vary. Care is taken to ensure carcasses fall within the small, medium, large weight ranges. 
Only feed your dog RAW chicken bones - never feed cooked chicken bones to your dog. 
Always supervise your dog when they are eating and store dog food out of reach.

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