What our dog owners say

"The food provided by Dale and his team has been an absolute game changer for my boxer Spartacus. They provide a high quality and cost effective means of feeding my 40kg lap dog. The whole foods diet has improved Spartacus' coat and the food appears to satiate him for longer periods of time compared to his dry food diet. Spartacus particularly looks forward to the chicken carcass in his meals, which has improved his teeth and overall dental hygiene. 

Dale's ability to deliver the food is an absolute Godsend. It is so convenient having the food delivered each weekend. Dale always lets me know in advance when he's coming, or if it is going to be later than usual so I can leave an esky out for the food. Spartacus loves Max Dog Health food and so do I."

Marcus and Spartacus

"Since starting my dogs on Max Dog Health dog food, I've seen an enormous change both in their physical condition and their behaviour. I used to have to coax and beg and plead to get them to eat their $110 per bag superpremium vet-approved oral care kibble, and Pinecone (the husky) would often just not it at all and she began to get quite skinny. Jim (the mastiff x) would eat it if encouraged, but that was mostly out of duty. Now that we are on the Max Dog Health diet they go wild at dinner time. I look forward to feeding them now, because their excitement is so gratifying. Their teeth and coats have also benefited enormously from a less carb/cereal based diet and real meat. Both dogs are now lean and muscled, with nice breath and shiny coats.

I honestly couldn't be happier with the service Dale provides, and the fact that he delivers the food to our house and charges such competitive, reasonable prices is just the icing on the cake. I'm pretty sure my friends think Max Dog Health is some kind of cult because I've been going on about it so much."

Olivia, Vet Nurse


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