Dog Health Facts

  • Diet is the most important factor when considering dog health
  • Meat is the ideal protein source for dogs
  • Dogs on meat-based diets are have a larger percentage of lean muscle than dogs fed on a plant-based diet
  • Predators need bone in their diet so that they grow strong bones
  • Good food not only has the right quantity and quality of nutrients it is also packaged in the right way too
  • Ripping, tearing and crunching through chewy and tough carcasses cleans and polishes teeth and gums - Dogs brush and floss as they eat
  • Eating carcasses takes time and this exercises the jaw, neck and chest muscles and activates the digestive juices
  • Ripping and crunching bone stimulates the brain
  • A raw meat diet balances the digestive chemicals and bacteria in the gut reducing diarrhea and bad dog farts
  • To get the most out of a raw meat diet: carcasses should be consumed raw and fed in large pieces
  • Dogs are scavengers and so feeding them table scraps in small quantities is okay, but remember what isn't healthy for you isn't healthy for them
  • It's okay for dogs to miss a meal. If you forget simply give them a bigger portion next time
  • Thawing food is unnecessary - dogs will eat carcasses frozen
  • If your dog is healthy is fine to switch to a raw food diet straight away without a weaning process. For fussy eaters you may introduce raw food gradually, or even withhold food and wait for hunger to motivate your dog 
  • Puppies older than six weeks can eat raw food too 
  • Raw bones and meat contains glucosamine and chondroitin both needed for joint repairA build-up of tartar on teeth can reduce a dog's ability to detect odors 
  • Dogs fed on a raw diet are less susceptible to infection and disease and recover quicker when they suffer injury or disease 
  • Dogs' jaws and teeth are designed to break bone 
  • Commercial dog food is not regulated and is packed with 'fillers', additives, and preservatives all which can cause serious health problems over a long period 
  • Some dogs can develop allergies when eating commercial dog food 
  • When feeding dogs vegetables it is best to mash or puree them as this breaks down the cellulose walls and is absorbed better by the body 
  • Commercial dry dog food is often producing using extremely high temperatures which means all the nutrients are cooked out 

We have undertaken research to ensure your dogs are getting the healthiest diet. Some of our favourite sources are:  

 Feed Your Best Friend Better by Rick Woodford 

Work Wonders (2005) by Tom Lonsdale  

Home Cooking For Your Dog (2013) Christine M. Filardi 

The Ultimate Pet Guide (2017) Gary Richter


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