Fresh raw chicken delivered to your door

Dogs love food and we love feeding dogs.

We know we have to eat fresh unprocessed food for our health, so why should our dogs be any different. Our dogs need fresh unadulterated food in the right proportions. Excessive sugar and fat is damaging for dogs and can lead to many health concerns. 

At Max Dog Health we believe dogs should be fed a raw meat diet with the extra boost of cooked vegetables and grains. We home cook all our veggie combinations and biscuits. We know what is going into our dog food.

Whole raw chicken carcasses benefit dogs in many ways:
  - It has all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins for energy and growth
  - There is no added sugar, salt, fat or other fillers 
  - Crunching through the carcass keeps teeth and gums clean, strengthens their jaw muscles
  - They have to work for their food
  - Food is easily digested and poo smells less than dogs fed on processed food
  - Dogs fed on raw meat have glossy coats
  - It provides enjoyment - dogs love crunching through their meal
  - You know your dog is eating chicken and not something else

Whole raw chicken carcasses are the best healthy food for your dog. We sell them in three sizes, small, medium and large. Contact us if you aren't sure which size to feed your dog. We calculate the appropriate meal size based on the breed, weight, and activity level of your dog.

We deliver:
Weekly and Fortnightly

Monday & Thursday - Southside Canberra

Tuesday & Wednesday - Northside Canberra

In the comment section at check out please write your preferred time. Once you place your order we will text or email you to confirm the delivery day, time, and where to leave the food.

It's no problem if you won't be home when we deliver - just leave an esky or Styrofoam box out for us! All food is frozen and will be fine for up to three hours if left outside.

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***Please note:

Food from Max Dog Health is suitable for animals only and should not be consumed by humans. 
Carcass size will vary. Care is taken to ensure carcasses fall within the small, medium, large weight ranges. If our supply is short we will compensate by giving you carcasses of a different size, but ensure that averaged over the week your dog will be receiving the right amount of food.

Only feed your dog RAW chicken bones - never feed cooked chicken bones to your dog. 

Always supervise your dog when they are eating and store dog food out of reach.


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